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Spring Holiday Fashions

Here we are on our first modeling assignment, showing off Spring and Easter fashions made by SewAmazin. The dog collar slipcovers in this collection were made based on designs by Penny Sanford Designs and are sold with permission - a portion of the sales are going to be donated to WestieMed to help take care of ill or injured rescued West Highland Terriers.
We like these Easter Egg Reversible Triangle collar slipcovers -- They look like bandanas!

To wear them, we slide our collars through a pocket or channel (kind of like putting a curtain on a rod) and our old plain collars are all dressed up for the holiday.

There's a buttonhole near the end of the slipcover where the D-ring for attaching our leash slips through so we don't have to take off our slipcovers to go for a walk. It also helps keep the slipcover from sliding around on our collar.

The flip side of these Easter Egg slipcovers is bright blue with multi-colored stripes. We think that blue side is nice for boys and ca…